TX Recycler


Textile Recycler is a manufacturer and converter of all grades of industrial cloth and extended use or disposable rags and wiping cloths. Our standard and specialty products are used in many industries including; industrial, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, foodservice, high-tech, hospitality, janitorial, printing, maintenance, institutional and retail. We are also approved for military use, including navy approved biodegradable wipers. We also provide custom converting and private labeling options to our clients.

  • Color Knit T-Shirt
  • Select White Knit T-Shirt
  • #1 All White Cotton
  • Whit Fleece (Sweatshirt)
  • Color Fleece (Sweatshirt)
  • Color turkish towel
  • Denim
  • Flannel

**All materials are available precut or uncut. We can accommodate any size order.

Cut wiper items
  • White knit
  • Color knit
  • Color towel
  • White towel
  • Color Cotton
  • Poly
  • Flannel
  • Color sweat
  • White Cotton
  • White Fleece


We carry industrial wipers in container loads of 1,000 pound bales. We carry precut and uncut materials, depending on your needs. We can accommodate large and small orders, automatic releases, blanket po's and emergency shipments.