TX Recycler

Prayer Center/Orphanage In Dakar

Each year, Munir Hussain, president of Textile Recycler, Inc., travels to Africa to visit the orphanages:

Dakar, Senegal in September 06, 2011:

"I visited an orphanage center in Dakar Senegal and it really broke my heart to see all the kids that are under one year of age ready for an adoption. There are a lot of families who can't support a baby, or if the mother dies while giving birth, the kids come to the orphanage center in Dakar Senegal.

"The center is very clean, nice and is ran by donors. Textile Recycler decided to be a part of this orphanage center so we could give clothes, toys, shoes and food. The charity calls us if they need any kind of funds to cover the center expenditures.

"I visited a village which is about two hours away from Dakar Senegal. The village has a population of 16,000 people, and they were in desperate need of a prayer center with a teaching facility for kids.

"My customer found this village because his brother is originally from this village. When my employee, my customer and I visited the village, we found out that there was an Imam (Priest) who tried to finish the prayer center, but died before he could finish it. It had been thirty years since the project had been completed, and the villagers were trying to collect $20.00 per year to finish this prayer center.

"At that time, my customer and I decided that we will finish this prayer center and also the school in four months time.

"The opening of this prayer center was in the month of Ramadan in July 20, 2012.

"All the villagers were very happy and we arranged an opening with food."