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Wheelchairs to epilepsy children

For many African locals, medical care is expensive and hard to get aquire. It only costs $5.00 to provide a child with an immunization. When a family can't afford these shots their children face the risk of succumbing to illness. When sickness progresses, the child is isolated at home often times due to paralysis and cases of Epilepsy. Of course the family loves the children and due to not having any transportation for them, these children stay in their village and don't commute to school or anywhere else in fact, they can't, because wheelchairs are too costly.

The wheelchairs I donate gives a child back his/her mobility the chance to move, play, and interact with the world around them! A chance to get an education! When I saw these beautiful children in wheelchairs and the smile on their faces, it made me appreciate everything God has given me. No doubt, the comfortable life most of us live in is one of God's greatest blessings.