Color Knit T-Shirt
Lightweight cotton blend colored material makes this absorbent rag efficient for water, grease and oil.

Select White Knit T-Shirt
Lightweight cotton blend white material provides a super absorbent rag.

#1 All White Cotton
Graded from recycled, bleached white knit cotton. This is a high performance rag, excellent for lint-free needs.

Whit Fleece (Sweatshirt)
Heavy duty and very popular rag. This white sweatshirt blend is soft to the touch and handles large or messy clean ups.

Color Fleece (Sweatshirt)
Color fleece variation of the popular white fleece rag. Same great uses and absorbancy.

Color turkish towel
Cotton turkish towel (terry cloth), ranges in size from 5 x 5 to full size bath towel measurements.

This is an all cotton jean material with a tight weave. Great for grease and oil spills.

All cotton created from shirts, pajamas and sheets. Great for janitorial business, as this is a highly absorbent material.

**All materials are available precut or uncut. We can accommodate any size order.


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