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Each month, Textile Recycler grades 3 million pounds of used clothing, 40,000 pounds of shoes, and 75,000 pounds of wiping rags monthly in our own 237,000 square foot warehouse. We employ the most experienced and dedicated graders and sorters in the industry. Our quality control is unparalleled!

What's unique about our process is the automation. Unlike others in the industry who sort their clothing manually, we use a sophisticated automatic conveyor system for sorting clothing into dozens of different varieties. Apart from clothing, Textile Recycler is proud to be the first company to grade shoes automatically as well! Click here to see the automation!

Once graded, all of our products are then packed in tightly secured 100 pound bales. We use a special technique of making the clothing accessible to your consumer! This helps to ensure product visibility!

Where We're Found
Labels and Grades
Prepared Inventory / Packaging Showroom

High Quality Product
We Purchase High Quality, Guaranteed Product

Highly Trained Sorters
Highly Trained Sorters, Graders, Balers and Supervisors Help to Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

Inventory Bay
Inventory Bay at Our 237,000 SF Warehouse

Inventory Bay
Bailing Section

2nd Bay View
2nd Bay View



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