Used Clothing



Please find listed a selection of qualities we grade for Africa, India, Pakistan and specialty items:

Mens - cotton, flannel wool and polyester
Boys - cotton and winter shirts

Ladies - cotton, silk, rayon and polyester

Mens - cotton, corduroy, polyester, wool, and work pants
Ladies - cotton, polyester and corduroy

Mens, ladies and children

Suit Coats:
Mens - wool, cotton, corduroy and polyester
Ladies - wool, cotton, polyester and corduroy
Boys - wool, cotton, corduroy and polyester

Printed and/or plain, including jogging tops and bottoms

Polo Shirts:
Mens - Printed and/or plain, 3-button style
Ladies - Printed and/or plain, 3-button style
Children - Printed and/or plain, 3-button style

Dresses and Skirts:
Cotton, silk, wool, rayon, denim and polyester

Mens - Branded and unbranded
Ladies - Branded and unbranded
Children - Branded and unbranded

Household Items:
Sheets, pillowcases, curtains, bedspreads, and other miscellaneous items

Acrylic, cotton, cashmere and wool, including childrens sweaters


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